About WhatIsFresh

WhatIsFresh.com is a guide to what's available from local farmers at farmers markets around New York City. Mike launched the site in October 2009. In December 2009, the New York Times wrote that Whatisfresh.com is the best guide to what is available in which Greenmarkets."

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The Story

We love fresh, local food.

WhatIsFresh grew out of Mike and Anne-Laure's frustrations in searching for the right ingredients for recipes or figuring out when our favorite farmer would be in town with his beautiful heirloom tomatoes.

In May 2009, we wanted some morels! We live in New York City; surely we could find morels somewhere. We turned to Google, but the best result was a 2006 blog post about a certain Greenmarket vendor who had morels that year at some point. Ok, maybe they'll have them this year. But what about this week? And what about today? We treked over to Union Square, but it turned out that this particular vendor wasn't there that day. Well, we thought, wouldn't it be awesome if there was a great web site for just this sort of thing?

Welcome to WhatIsFresh - connecting you to the best seasonal, local food and farmers markets. This is just the beginning. Eat well!

The Team

Michael Horn

Mike designed and developed WhatIsFresh.com. Before jumping headfirst into the Internets, Mike was a practicing corporate attorney in New York City. These days if you see a Macbook behind a farmer's stand or on the back of a produce truck in New York, that's probably Mike! He spends a lot of time at the markets learning from the farmers, and then spends late, caffeine-filled nights improving the site based on their feedback. The best part about developing a website in the local food space? Interesting passionate people and, of course, great food.

The Press

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