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Season: Year round

Description: Pickling, which in its simplest form is preservation in brine or vinegar, has enjoyed popularity in most cultures. It is believed that the ancient Mesopotamians practiced pickling as far back as 2400 B.C. when cucumbers were brought from India. Cleopatra cited pickles as a beauty aid, the Bible mentions them twice, and Shakespeare took metaphorical liberties with them, coining the phrase, “in a pickle.” Since the time pickles were brought to the New World by Columbus, they have enjoyed tremendous popularity. New York City shares a special relationship with the pickle, as the city’s rich soil produced excellent cucumbers that Dutch farmers sold to be cured and traded. During the 19th century, European immigrants to New York helped to expand the versatility of pickle recipes; at the same time, vast improvement in canning technology made pickles a household staple.

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