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Season: August to January

Description: Quince is a yellow, pear-like fruit from the rose family that grows to be 7-12 cm long. The flower of the quince tree is especially beautiful. The fruit is usually not eaten raw as it has a tart and bitter flavor. This is possibly the reason for its virtual non-existence in North America. But when cooked it transforms to a tangy sweetness, and takes on a reddish-pink color. Native to the Middle East and possibly Eastern Europe, the fruit is deeply embedded into culinary culture, eaten in a variety of jellied forms. In South America, a quince jam called dulce de membrillo is usually eaten with manchego cheese. Ancient mythology is saturated with quince references, such as when Paris of Troy awarded one to Aphrodite. Quince jelly and quince seeds are used to sooth coughs and colds and they are high in vitamin C.

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