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Greener Pastures

Kings County, New York

Gowanus, Brooklyn, New York

Products: Vegetables, Flowers/Plants, and Juice/Beverages.
Description: Our Wheatgrass and Microgreens is soil-grown in a converted warehouse in Brooklyn. We bring our Greens to the Union Square Farmers Market every MWFSat. We attend the market year round, and keep the Wheatgrass fresh and Green in our Yellow School Bus. People buy our Fresh squeezed Wheatgrass Juice, or take the Wheatgrass home to juice for themselves and their family. We also sell the W...
Find Us At These Markets

Union Square Greenmarket

Come to our Stand at the Union Square Farmers Market Every MWFSat. Look for the Yellow School Bus on the West Side of the Market!

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Posted over 8 years ago

    Our system helps farmers get you the most accurate possible information about their seasonal products, but it's impossible to guarantee that every product will be available on any given day.

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