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Ulster County, New York

414 Church Rd.

Pine Bush, New York 12566


Products: Dairy/Cheese, Meat/Poultry, and Eggs.
Description: Lynnhaven Goat Cheeses are all made on the farm 90 miles north and west of NYC. We use only the milk from our goats--no milk is purchased, and for that matter, no goats are purchased either as all are born and raised here on the farm. We raise our goats with love and a great deal of care. All are fed a well balanced diet which includes access to browse, a goat's natural diet. We use no hormone...
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We also carry a selection of other goat meat cuts including legs and shoulders.



Posted over 9 years ago

Our system helps farmers get you the most accurate possible information about their seasonal products, but it's impossible to guarantee that every product will be available on any given day.

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