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Millport Dairy

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

743 E. Millport Road

Leola, Pennsylvania


Products: Dairy/Cheese, Baked Goods, and Eggs.
Description: Millport Dairy is located in Lancaster,PA.We make raw milk cheese.Our cows are all grass fed and roam around on the pasture on the farm and get fresh Lancaster County air.We make Cheddar,Colby,Hot Jack,Garlic and Chives,Monterey Horseradish,Smoked Cheddar,Baby Swiss,and our famous Sharp Cheddar which is aged to perfection.We also carry an array of fresh baked goods and the best free range pastu...
We are currently working on bringing fresh milk in the spring,so stay tuned for updates throughout the winter.

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Posted over 9 years ago

Our system helps farmers get you the most accurate possible information about their seasonal products, but it's impossible to guarantee that every product will be available on any given day.

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